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Noetics - Delayed Back Remixed EP
12" Vinyl
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Delayed Back Remixed EP


Released: 23rd June 2014 | 6 track broken beat ep

The Delayed Back And Remixed EP is based on the album Delayed Back by the
German band Noetics. It will be co-released with the eleven-track Delayed Back And
Remixed album (CD / digital). The EP contains a selection of 6 remixes by Jon
Kennedy, Biodub, Tom Tyler, Violent Public Disorderaz, Kova and Stundman.
The EP opens with a pumping House remix of Grant Lump And The Elevator by the
German producer Stundman (Schnellboot Records). It is followed by a dance floor
dub version of the song Schinkenwurst Dub made by the Noetics' drummer himself
Patrick Wurster aka Biodub (Ki Records). The A side ends with a spaced out rework
of Vibrant Hydrant by the British producer Tom Tyler (DC Recordings).
The Prague based producer Jon Kennedy (Jon Kennedy Federation) starts the Bside
with an hammering remix of Peninsolar in a broken beat outfit. Also remixing
Penisolar the Bulgarian beatsmith Violent Public Disorderaz (Dusted Wax)
transformed the song into head nodding downbeat version. Finally the EP is
concluded with a smooth jazzy Hip Hop remix of Vibrant Hydrant by the Berlin
based producer Kova (Melting Pot Music).
About Noetics:
Noetics is