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Barbara St Clair - Teacherman
7" Vinyl
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Barbara St Clair



Released: 1st January 2009 | 1 track retro soul single

Another gem of a '70s soul tune with true dancefloor pedigree in the modern room. And another cracking rarity too!

From the far reaches of Buffalo, upstate New York, on the incongruously named Cross-eyed Bear label, this 2 sided gem of funky '70s soul was perhaps destined to be an obscurity. Not that you would think that on listening to it, the slick production and smart arrangements rival any major release of the day. This isn't so surprising when you discover that the production duties were actually handled by the team behind high-selling Jazz Fusion outfit Spyro Gyra!

Thankfully aside from sound quality, this shares no resemblance to those pop fusion-ites, and instead St. Clair and her band deliver 2 sides of delicious groovy soul, perfect for the broader Soul dance-floors of today. The warm bass, crisp drums and sweet Rhodes are bound to sound huge on any decent system too! Small wonder that the original has been fetching large sums recently.