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Pure Pleasure - Dancin' Prancin' / By My Side
7" Vinyl

Pure Pleasure

Dancin' Prancin' / By My Side


Released: 15th September 2017 | 2 track disco single

Our Soul7 label is back with bang with a double sided treasure from the early '80s by a little known Detroit band called Pure Pleasure


DJs and dancers alike will love this full-sounding remastered 7 repress!

It's hard to decide which of the two sides is better, the outstanding, uplifting By My Side is considered 'the track' - but don't dismiss the flip! Co-written and sung by Barbara Love, 'By My Side' is a super charged mid-tempo vocal dancefloor fave that's a blinder from the start with driven, tight horn and bass stabs swinging into a stunning two step soul track with the perfect beat. It;'s as wonderful on first hearing today as it was back in 1981. 'I remember heading down to Indianapolis to cut this record. We had a lot of fun' Barbara told us recently, 'I don't know why we went all the way down there, it was all over in a day'.

On the flip Dancin & Prancin, a true dancer from the off, disco jazz funk bass groove and a top class vocal from Tony D. Perfect sounding for today's modern soul clubs - it even includes a nice b-boy disco drum break!

The band members all went to the same school in Detroit back in the late '60s. Upon leaving school the boys started a band called The Soulful Sonics in the early '70s. Barbara used to gig with them on occasion but nothing was ever recorded. The band changed their name to Pure Pleasure in the mid '70s and in 1979 they asked Barbara to join. Around June 1980 'By My Side' had been written and the group were finally readly to release a 45 on their own label. QC Records was born - it stood for Quick Cash!

Unfortunately, like many bands after their first release, tensions arose which caused a breakup. In this case it was disruption within the band due to Barbara getting the lion's share of credit and attention. But years late Pure


is back together doing gigs and rockin' the crowds

, and this 45 lets the music live on.