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Fabric - A Sort Of Radiance
Vinyl LP
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A Sort Of Radiance

Spectrum Spools

Released: 21st March 2011 | 9 track leftfield/idm album
Matthew Mullane is a Chicago multi-instrumentalist performing under the guise of Fabric. Here we have a fine suite of compositions which embark on a voyage through darkness of night and the brightness of day. Washed out dark colors and static pulses sweep across your stereo painting a portrait of intense yearning and determination. Recorded over the course of a year, Matthew has constructed a multi dimensional organism of sound that has perplexing depth and astounding detail. The album reveals new shapes and sizes with repeat listens and is truly a work which you can submerge yourself in to get lost. Leaving the House is an energetic workout with it's dense, ultraviolet fog and stream-like melodies. Then there's the vignettes such as Orange and Red or Containers, that branch out into unfamiliar territory in their own special ways synthesizing a journey far from home. So far, Fabric releases have appeared in very small editions including a split with Sparkling Wide Pressure and a practically non-existent cassette on Fairchild Tapes. Spectrum Spools is proud to kick off the label by presenting the debut Fabric album. Spectrum Spools released in association with Editions Mego. Limited Edition of 500.