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No UFO's - Soft Coast
Vinyl LP
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No UFO's

Soft Coast

Spectrum Spools

Released: 19th December 2011 | 14 track experimental album
Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin August 2011

Here at Spectrum Spools, one of the many missions is to make sure great, under-documented, and limited offerings get a chance to see a wider release. No UFO's debut cassette, Soft Coast (2010, Nice Up Int'l), is surely no exception. It was said about the Swell Maps A Trip to Marineville that the album had been obviously crafted by true music lovers who were record collectors.

It seems that Konrad Jandavs' debut as No UFO's was calculated and carefully pieced together to spawn a whole new universe from the omniverse of collective musics, a feat which many attempt but few succeed. Lazy comparisons to Neu! and other such kraut-oriented material have bubbled up here and there, but Jandavs' vision, as with any great recording artist, is all his own; a new perspective from looking at musics past and present.

Soft Coast began Jandavs' short, yet potent string of collaged cosmic trash which gripped the underground tape scene. Since he's just seen the drop of his new Mind Controls the Flood EP on Public Information and has future releases planned, it seems wrong to let this one slip thru the cracks any longer. A killer debut out of the blue, more than deserving of wider recognition, now available on vinyl.

Very limited initial copies on white vinyl !

Spectrum Spools released in association with Editions Mego