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Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Sintetizzatrice
Vinyl LP
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Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy


Spectrum Spools

Released: 30th March 2015 | 9 track ambient album

Sintetizzatrice is the first recorded document of the newly founded collaboration between Spectrum Spools veteran Donato Dozzy and female vocalist Anna Caragnano.

Though his solo work, and in his collaboration with Giuseppe Tilleci as Voices from the Lake, Dozzy has achieved some of the most remarkable vistas contemporary electronic music has seen in the last decade. By removing himself from his areas of mastery to shift his focus on the voice, he has achieved a new peak. Sintetizzatrice is the first work on Spectrum Spools featuring Anna Caragnano, a vocalist based in Rome.

Over two stunning sides of vinyl, Dozzy works exclusively with the voice of Caragnano, with no other instruments. Heavy layering and effects processes are used to display an astoundingly versatile voice-centric vocabulary. Rarely can a record morph through different styles from R&B to Kosmische, through traditional Italian folk music to Fluxus styles and traditional Chamber Choir with no additional instrumentation. Just a singular, beautiful, voice. The results are simply phenomenal.

With the opening, Introduzione, an immeasurable cosmic weight arrives and remains through the duration of the album. Star Cloud ascends the album with melancholy extended drones that evaporate concepts like time and being, rendering basic human perceptions void all the way through the sides closing Parallelo. The flipside opener Parola, dances around the stereo field with dazing rhythms and melodies, while Festa (A Mottola) is an homage to the traditional music found in the rural region where concidentally, both Dozzy's mother and Caragnano were born and raised. The albums closing pieces Love Without Sound and Conclusione hit hard in a way where words do no justice. By fearlessly entering uncharted territories, both Dozzy and Caragnano have respectively made a collaboration which is truly experimental.

Sintetizzatrice is a grand debut for Anna Caragnano, and a fantastic twist for those following the work of Donato Dozzy.