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The Cinnamon Kings - The Sound Of Pmore EP
12" Vinyl
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The Cinnamon Kings

The Sound Of Pmore EP


Released: 14th April 2008 | 4 track ep
You've heard of B-more right? Well this is P-more - straight from the funky fishy streets of Plymouth. The Cinnamon Kings are two of the towns afterparty DJs who wish to stay anonymous, in fact so much so that they had to be persuaded by the art of Chinese burns to release this very record. Although you may know one of them from his place in the upper echelons of the Plymouth DJ ranks, there's not much chance of him admitting it, even if you apply the 3 handed manoeuvre with some Deep Heat and Tiger Balm thrown into the mix. 'We were playing this dark basement after party on Union Street for one of Swilly's foremost boy racers when some dodgy looking vinyl pimp came up and asked who had done the track playing. We said we had and later on he kept hassling up to release it on vinyl. We said 'Why, so old gits like you can play our nu-fandangled biddy-biddy-bassline party music?' He said 'Well, yes'. The Cinnamon Kings take in influences such as Bmore, baile funk, acid house, hip hop, electro and serve it up in their own style. They care not a jot for whether it's vinyl, CD, MP3 or what genre of music it's supposed to be. Vive la difference!