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Nene Hatun - Tingöçü

Nene Hatun



Released: 21st December 2015 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Nene Hatun (Beste Aydin) is a Berlin-based musician. Born in Istanbul, she grew up in Izmir, later going on to study piano and composition in Ankara, Tel Aviv and Stuttgart. Having grown up in Turkey, Nene Hatun displays a wealth of oriental and Anatolian influences, combining these with her own electronic, psychedelic and rhythmic modes of expression.

Having recently supported Andy Stott's Berlin show, Nene Hatun appeals to a range of audiences, not least to those who recognise that electronic experimentation tends to imply cultural improvisation; Tingöçu's influences are clear, yet Nene Hatun remains a project in dynamic process.