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Graham Dunning - Auxon

Graham Dunning



Released: 3rd June 2016 | 13 track techno album

Graham Dunning is an artist, musician and tutor based in London, UK. He also hosts the show Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone on London's NTS Radio. 'Auxon', his first album for SEAGRAVE, is produced entirely using his 'mechanical techno' process, which is a unique and deeply engaging live performance method, utilizing prepared vinyl records and other audio triggers to produce a complex, evolving and finally patterned strain of minimal, yet occasionally acid-inflected techno with no overdubs.

Graham is renowned in the UK and Europe, with releases on Entr'acte, Adaadat, Raw Tonk, Mottomotto, Linear Obsessional, Bum Tapes, Quagga Curious Sounds, CRAM, Holectics Research Recordings and his own label for handmade releases, Fractal Meat Cuts.

"Dunning stacks records like pancakes, adorning the tower with contact mics and other gizmos – swinging like the arms of some deranged Rube Goldberg machine – to create woozy, aleatoric techno."
Richard Greenan, No Fear Of Pop