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Blair Sound Design - Cheap Rave Material

Blair Sound Design

Cheap Rave Material


Released: 8th July 2016 | 10 track rave album

Blair Sound Design is Tallahassee, Florida based dance producer Kyle Lyon. Cycling amongst cheap MIDI rack synths, drum machines and thrift store scavenged tapes and vinyl, Blair Sound Design is a project which oscillates between different genre signifiers and textural qualities at a high, giddy frequency. Exploring isolation with a healthy dose of levity, each Blair production is approached with a tongue-in-cheek sincerity that aims to entertain.

His first release for Seagrave, 'Cheap Rave Material' initially emerges as a recovered tape from a mid-90s summer session: saturated chords, kicks, acid basslines and plaintive soul vocals partially evoke memories of coming down in the dewy dawn of an abandoned airfield rave, whilst at once suggesting new lines of composition for dance music that exceed the inherited beat matrix, amounting to 60 minutes that challenge your nostalgia for a bygone era. Tracks from the release have received airplay on the UK's Radar Radio and Resonance FM stations.