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Nebulo - Safari Suites, Vol. II


Safari Suites, Vol. II


Released: 19th August 2016 | 8 track leftfield/idm album

Nebulo is the solo project of French composer and producer Thomas Pujols. Since 2006, he has released several solo albums and EPs on a variety of labels such as Hymen Records, Stomoxine Records, Oddfrequencies, Le Cabanon, with a forthcoming album for Phinery. Thomas also collaborates as Crypto Tropic, with a release on Speaker Footage, and as Ultraabriight, with a release on Orange Milk.

With his first release for Seagrave, Nebulo delivers eight cuts of deep, rattling, raw, bass-heavy electronica that should find favour amongst those attuned to experimental dance music. This is deeply infectious music. Tracks have received air-play on Resonance FM, Radar Radio and NTS programmes.