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Jay Glass Dubs - III

Jay Glass Dubs



Released: 30th September 2016 | 7 track dub album

'III' is the third in a series of dub albums by Dimitris Papadatos (b. 1981, USA), a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens, Greece. 'III' sees an assured exploration of the reverb-drenched terrain charted by the first two albums in the series, whilst offering further energy and depth, further plot twists in the ongoing JGD audio narrative. In addition to Jay Glass Dubs, Dimitris currently produces ΚU and The Hydra projects, with releases for Bokeh Versions, Hyle Tapes, THRHNDRDSVNTNN, RLRL, Inner Ear and Nutty Wombat, and forthcoming projects for The Tapeworm and Infinite Waves amongst others.