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Norwell - Unsolved Dissonance


Unsolved Dissonance


Released: 25th November 2016 | 10 track ambient album

Based in Budapest, Norwell (Balázs Semsei) has made his mark as a producer of hypnotizing, uplifting, yet grounded electronic music in recent years, chiefly through his joint work with S Olbricht on Cleaning Tapes, a release on the UK's essential Reckno label, as well as his ongoing contributions to Budapest's Farbwechsel label.

Describing his project as diving into the realms of 70s Kosmiche music to collect its wonders and knowledge to present them in a brand new light, Norwell releases have also emerged on Beachcoma Recordings and Shabu Recordings. Since early 2016, Semsei has embarked on a new, club-focused adventure in the realms of electro, with a 4 track 12 emerging on Rotterdam's Pinkman label.