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Various Artists - Interpretosis

Various Artists



Released: 31st October 2016 | 16 track leftfield/idm album

'Interpretosis' is named for the cultural condition diagnosed by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze in his 'Dialogues' with Claire Parnet. Mischievously released for Samhain / Halloween, and sporting original 'Rorschach' inkblot art, the compilation accompanies the release of 'Unsolved Dissonance', an album of post-Kosmiche electronica by Norwell, one of Budapest's Farbwechsel label affiliates. Following the custom of previous Seagrave compilations, the album showcases the work of international artists who have either previously released on the label or who are currently scheduled. What is more, 'Interpretosis' serves to challenge our assumptions about cultural production and its reception more generally. With its forthright blend of rugged techno and more experimental moments of musique concrete, the assembled tracks inspire body movement as much as they might prompt questions around issues of art, affect and psychological projection.