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Langoth - Gummophon
12" Vinyl
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Sunshine Enterprises Mcon

Released: 22nd May 2006 | 4 track ep
This is the return of Michael Langoth aka Langoth! After releasing his delicious debut album 'Sentimental Cooking' (SR028/2) in 2004 on Sunshine Enterprises, Langoth is back on the scene with his brand new 'Gummophon' (SR051/1) 12 inch single. The first cut is the title track of Langoth´s forthcoming album 'Grounding'. 'Grounding' is a slice of heavy electronic funk and features the wicked 'Da Fonz' on vocals. Watch out for a tremendous video made especially for the 'Grounding' track. The original 'Grounding' version is followed by a remix of Vienna's own Telemark outfit. They ´re guiding 'Grounding' directly to the dance floor via a crunchy old school banger. This one is only for the headstrong! On the flip you'll find 'Gummophon'. The 'Gummophon' is a simple instrument, consisting of a rubber glove, a cardboard tube and a string. It was created by Thierry Robert and is played by Michael Langoth on this track. Besides the original version you'll discover a gorgeous rework by Vienna's upcoming electro youngsters Microthol. Langoth´s full length album 'Grounding' (SR062/2) will be out early 2006!'