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Pearl River Sound - Future Break Raver

Pearl River Sound

Future Break Raver


Released: 1st December 2017 | 16 track acid house album

Roberto Semeraro is based in Rome, Italy. He first emerged on the scene with a release on the Seattle-based label Further Records in 2012. Until that time, PRS music was considered to be something strictly private and intimate. More recently, PRS releases have emerged on Massprod's Woland Records, HOLOVR's Indole Records, Meda Fury, a division of the legendary R&S Records, and New York Haunted. Roberto describes PRS as having 'a pure, infant and melancholy sound, influenced by a mother who used to play classical music at the piano and by the electronic music of the 90s, mostly that used as soundtrack to cartoons and documentaries.' His sound is almost always classic acid, often featuring breaks.