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Scienz Culture - Ginsu
12" Vinyl
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Scienz Culture


Sunshine Enterprises Mcon

Released: 11th June 2007 | 5 track ep
The father of broken beat, one of the west London’s most influential producers, IG Culture, joins sunshine enterprises with a new project called Scienz Culture, consisting of IG, John Robinson aka Lil´Sci, and 4 Windz. He's been contributing to developing of UK hip hop - broken beat scene since early 90's. He debuted as a member of UK hip hop group dodge city on major label in the acid jazz era. Later as solo artist IG Culture recorded on People records, produced Roots Manuva, Les Nubian and many others and founded a label again, Main Squeeze. Added to IG Culture and NSM, he records under the name of Quango, Likwid Biskit, Son of Scientist, Ma Futura etc...... He is also a founder and resident DJ for legendary Co-op on 2nd & last Sunday of the month at Plastic People. Now it’s time for a new project for sunshine enterprises. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome Scienz Culture IG joins forces with hip hop force Scienz of Life, consisting of breaking rapstar John Robinson, known also for his solo joints and Ammon Contact collabos as Lil Sci as well as for his Sol Uprising stuff, and 4 Windz. IG takes it back to his hip hop roots with 3 different mixes of the killer track Ginsu. The original mix carries a certain very raw jazzy oldschool feeling, the Cavern mix with it´s moving beats brings us blockparty back, and Bronx River mix is the one for the headstrong! All three mixes blessed with the rapping skillz of Scienz of Life! + instrumental of Bronx River included! Furthermore, IG delivers also one of his classy broken remixes as Son of Scientist with that twisted end which will rock the co-op floors worldwide! Another quality sunshine enterprises release, entering the territories of hip hop and broken universe. Stay tuned for the journey!