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Delgui - Keep on Clappin
12" Vinyl
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Keep on Clappin

Sunshine Enterprises Mcon

Released: 7th July 2008 | 5 track ep
Delgui are Gert-Jan Bijl and Paulo Delgado. And here´s the first release out of their much anticipated album Outta Space. Keep On Clappin is a remarkable record that fuses the extremely tight and sophisticated production skills of Delgui with 3 blessed vocalists such as Vanessa Freeman, Colonel Red and Xantone Blacq on one single 12 inch. What a sensation! I Get It Now & Keep On Clappin, two highlights from the forthcoming album are here exclusively available as extended versions for the vinyl headz out there. The icing on the cake is a storming rework from the album title track Outta Space by the splendid swedish outfit Swell Session. Another classic release on Sunshine Enterprises! Watch out for even more vinyl business before the full length album will drop in fall 2008.