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Kabanjak Meets Protassov - Grow EP 1 feat The Jungle Brothers
12" Vinyl
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Kabanjak Meets Protassov

Grow EP 1 feat The Jungle Brothers

Switchstance Recordings UG

Released: 11th July 2005 | 5 track ep
Kabanjak and Protassov, Switchstance Recordings' main producers, have grown strong during the last years with the label. They have gained respect as remixers for labels such as Stereo Deluxe, Fort Knox, Bastard Jazz, Temposphere or Six Degrees. On the album 'Grow', they appear together for the first time. With its 'meets'-concept, 'Grow' stands in the tradition of big Dub and Reggae Soundclash albums of the 70s and 80s. Alternately, track by track, Kabanjak and Protassov introduce the listener to the many facets of their work - while creating a diverse and wholesome big picture: Downbeat tunes, Dub and HipHop alongside Funk rollers and NuJazz up to modern Breaks define the spectrum of the sounds of Kabanjak and Protassov on this, their first 'own' album. Switchstance is proud to present the first collabo tunes with the Jungle Brothers on 'Grow'. The two legendary US rappers Afrika Baby Bam and Mike G have become fans of the Sounds of Switchstance and work in the label's studios in Moers and Essen regularly by now. On the 'Grow EP1', their opener 'Cruise Control', produced by Protassov already shows the good ol' JBeez are in top shape. The heavy funkster is followed by another hard-hitting one: 'Clap Your Hands' by Kabanjak comes across as a piece of marvellous deep-diggin' breakbeat action with great guitars and flutes. The remix of 'Clap Your Hands' was done by Monophonic (Pulver Records), who really freaked those bangin' breaks once more. Side B shows Protassov at new heights: The 'Cucumber Lounge' is a special and unique musical experience. Hard to categorize, it still puts a smile on all those listening closely. Pure bliss! The remix - in true 'meets' fashion - comes from our own man Kabanjak, who's taking the 'Cucumber Lounge' back to the club and closing the EP nicely at the same time.'
"uptempo jazzy banger and you should try opening your mind to some instrumental breaks ****"
DJ Yoda, IDJ
"a very handy piece of modern breakbeat indeed "
Straight No Chaser
"A rolling funk bomb that should get any party started right!...Kabanjak?s remix takes it into the rare funk stratosphere. The whole ep deserves to be seriously spanked!"
Richard E, Undercover Mag
"I have something to tell you: That's really, really, really good!!!"
Kid Loco
"Production-wise, there's no argument to be had. The boys just have it."
(Melting Pot Music), Olski
"?Some of the best stuff I have heard in a while.?"
(Fort Knox Five/USA), Jon Horvarth
"?Got the album, thanks. Love the JB tracks!?"
Ninja Tune/UK, Bonobo
"?This is a great LP, I'm really into it.?"
(Jelly Jazz/UK), Pete Isaac
"?The CD is cool stuff, I have been jamming on timbales to the funk-inspired club sound.?"
(Up, Bustle & Out), Ruperto ?Rudy
"?Tight shit, I'm really feeling some of those cuts. The JB songs are really top notch.?"
(All Good Funk Alliance), Rusty
"?Wow, wow, wow now! Excellent tracks! Nu school funk? Amazing breaks? however?sounds great!? ()"
Freezone Radio, Stefan Popovic
"The Grow EP is really good and should appeal across the board to lots of different people...?"
Breakin Bread, Skeg
"Really cool! Play ?clap your hands? in the club and radio?"
(Compost/Ger), Michael Reinboth
" ?Good EP. Very good at what it does? control is a great track??"
Good Looking, Vincent
"YES, shit rocks!?"
(Lounge Rec./Ger), Helmut Heuer
"?Cruise Control is good fun. Clap Your Hands is the favourite though ? GREAT FUNK!"
Futureboogie, Steve Nickolls
"Funky hip-hop breaks for the sweaty bar scene"