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Kabanjak - dub to go EP
12" Vinyl
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dub to go EP

Switchstance Recordings UG

Released: 2nd August 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
'I'd like a Dub, please!' - 'For here or to go?! Well, what do you think?! To go, of course! Dub has always been about being on the move, wether in the Jamaican (concrete) jungle or in the outer realms of inner space. Kabanjak - experienced musician, producer and DJ with Switchstance Recordings from Day One and, as part of the duo Ancient Astronauts, the only German studio wizard in the fine artist roster of the American label ESL Music - has always loved the bass-heavy forays of sonic pioneers such as Lee Perry, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Scientist or Mad Professor. Honestly, who doesn't?! But his likings and influences certainly don't stop there, and that is why his upcoming 'Dub To Go EP' is not 'just another' Dub affair.In the title track 'Dub To Go', Kabanjak combines ultra-low bass with inspired drum breaks, a deep organ and loads of subtle effects into an epic reverie that is much larger than its parts - which were all played and recorded by Kabanjak himself, no less! Dub To Go (Ancient Astronauts Remix) sees Kabanjak reunited with his longtime collaborator Dogu - together they shape the track into a proper piece of bass-laden funkin' and skankin' music which might even be able to make your head fall off from too much heavy nodding while dancing. Third and final track 'Wishcraft' presents yet another interpretation of Dub music, enhanced by funky, almost rocky drums as well as guitar and flute licks that bring in more than one ways a trademark Kabanjak choon, but in a fine Dub-To-Go stylee! The 'Dub To Go EP' represents the first teaser for the upcoming Kabanjak solo album 'Tree of Mystery' which will be released by ESL Music in the late summer of 2010.
"The Dub To Go EP is great. The original version is perfect"
Kid Loco (FR)
"Really feeling the dub to go ancient astronauts remix!! Hot like fiya!!! big up!!"
Thomas Blondet, Rhythm & Culture
"Goawn dem man Kabanjak & See I. Will show love and support. AA remix super cosmic and hits the dubstop......Big Package, Big Look"
Paathan, BBC Radio
"Yes, really like this track, would get Jelly Jazz spins for sure!"
Pete Issac, Jelly Jazz
"He's a talented guy. Dub To Go is a killer!!!"
Elliot (Skeewiff / UK)
"I am really digging the Ancient Astronauts remix. I am loving the See-I vocals!!"
Jon H, Fort Knox
"Drum sound wikkid…Gritty dub bizness!"
Emch, (Subatomic Sound/USA)
"..I really really dig the Ancient Astronauts remix on that 12 - great vibes!! Going to be playing that one out this summer for sure"
DJ DRM, Bastard Jazz Records/USA