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Protassov - Shalina Music
CD Album
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Shalina Music

Switchstance Recordings UG

Released: 1st March 2010 | 13 track leftfield/idm album
Working with Switchstance Recordings from Day One, Ruhr-area native Stefan Fuss alias Protassov and his multi-faceted soundscapes and proper beat-laden tunes have become a regular staple in the label's wide portfolio while also being featured on many successful compilations as well as in many Snow/Skate/Surf movies from around the globe. His remix credits include works for Jugoe (Bastard Jazz), Dr. Rubberfunk (GPS Productions) and more. Protassov's studio, the Mechano Tonatelier, lies within a remote landscape somewhere in the industrial stretches of the central Ruhr area city of Essen in Germany. It is here, within a messy array of musical instruments and gadgets, that Protassov finds the peace of mind to compose and produce his chilled-out tracks. But while playing most of the parts and assembling his music on the computer himself, he is definitely no loner. Marcus Stuetz is a long-time friend who collaborated with Protassov on Shalina Music for the first time. His mastery of various guitar styles is heard on many of the tracks, supplying harmonic counterparts and groovy riffs to Protassov's skillfully crafted drum & percussion and sample-based sound ideas. Bajka is a well-known singer who already has worked with Beanfield, Bonobo, Radio Citizen or the Poets of Rhythm. Her strong lyrics and beautiful voice can be heard in the Reggae track I Wonder.