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Bambooman - Hollowed
7" Vinyl
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Sonic Router Records

Released: 29th April 2013 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single

Bambooman's production work is a little bit of an anomaly; on the one hand it feels infallibly clean with a heavy emphasis on the punch of his kick drums, but it's notably reliant on textures at the same time. The way he makes that level of contrast between the found sounds and the synthesized tones work is what first caught our ear through his own Sound Healers compilations and his remixes for people like Crewdson, but with his Hollowed EP the Leeds based beatsmith explores that tonal juxtaposition even further across seven original tracks.

A large part of the EP is made up of recordings I have made along with sounds I have synthesized or vocals sent from friends, he offers of his processes. It's a way I've been trying to work more and more. It's basically a collection of tracks which represented the styles I was messing with at that time.

A hip hop producer at heart, Bambooman's experiments tend to temper the slower tempos, revelling in that slower pace. But whether he's simply decorating the lurch and snap of tracks like 'Stacks' or 'Skip' with airy pads so that his enveloping basslines pull the focus or toying with the voices of his synths on beats like 'Frosted' or 'Hollowed', he manages to make his output sit comfortably with the low end addled zeitgeist.