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Torus - Feeel
7" Vinyl
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Sonic Router Records

Released: 18th November 2013 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single

Having launched our record label with his debut EP, the work of the young Dutch producer Torus, aka Joeri Woudstra, is something that's understandably quite close to our heart. He's someone we've fully grown alongside and his second EP proper, Feeel, follows March's name-your-price Yard Sale EP in introducing a bit more of a club ready edge into his music - though he proves to still be as pensive and delicate as ever on tracks like 'Backyard', 'Feeel' and 'Untitled'.

To me this EP is an in-depth exploration into the sound that had emerged from the Torus EP, Woudstra offers of the project. I'd been trying to get as much contrast as possible between the first and the last song without losing the idea of the EP as a whole.

When I make music I like to work with a feeling or a vibe rather than scoring a specific moment I've experienced in life, he continues. Basically, I'd been trying to turn these vibes into songs using mostly self-made sounds so that they'd become as personal as possible. The songs are really just translations from emotion to sound - which is also the reason for the title - I felt like I could really expose myself through these songs.

"Infused with deeper melancholy and a clearer maturity and focus."
Markle, DJ Mag
"Sounds right up my street."
Mumdance, Keysound
"Really good package."
Lawson, NTS
"I really like this!"
Jen Long, BBC Radio 1
"Really liked the way it sounds."
Rita Maia, Resonance FM
"This is outstanding!"
Eclair Fifi, BBC Radio 1
"A mesmerizing take on beat music."