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My Panda Shall Fly - Higher
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My Panda Shall Fly


Sonic Router Records

Released: 27th January 2014 | 6 track leftfield/idm ep

Sonic Router Records' first release of 2014 comes from the South London dwelling producer, My Panda Shall Fly. Long since a friend of the label, MPSF's music has blossomed through numerous fits, starts and collaborations with his work adorning multiple imprints since he first emerged in 2011. But with his latest 6 track EP, Higher, his tonal and textural ideas have found a consistent voice adapting to the array of different tempos perfectly.

These tracks are loosely based around the concept of 'sacred pain', offers MPSF of the EP; an extremely fascinating subject I'd found myself digging into without any real prior warning. After learning about the myriads of ways individuals endure affliction and suffering for their various beliefs across the planet, I recalled witnessing such an act for the first time when I was aged nine, in my home-town of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Without doubt the spectacle left quite a mark upon my psyche, so much so that it evokes this memory some eighteen years later.

In my practice, I've always wanted to keep pushing myself to explore new modes and forms of making music, sometimes to a point of never repeating or re-using a particular effect or technique that I'd employed previously in order to keep expanding my arsenal of sound-tools.. Upon later reflection, I found that, by chance, the assorted approaches I applied to these six tracks subtly paralleled the diversity of discomfort which individuals put themselves through in the name of religion around the planet.

"lolloping headnod business"
Juno Plus
"sounds like vintage science-fiction"
"glowing synths boom with pure menace"
"sounds like an intergalactic fight taking place 20 leagues under the sea"
"one of the most wholly satisfying releases he's put out."