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Eckoclick - Eckoclick EP
12" Vinyl
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Eckoclick EP

Sonic Router Records

Released: 8th September 2014 | 6 track house ep

Eckoclick is the brand new collaboration between the Slowfoot signed producer, Crewdson (aka Hugh Jones) and the fast rising vocalist, Femme (aka Laura Bettinson). Both incredibly adept within their own fields - Crewdson with his superbly intricate sampling techniques and freewheeling compositions and Femme with her attitude laden, oft-heartfelt song writing and vocal delivery - their debut self-titled EP builds on the promise so perfectly contained in their remix of Bambooman's 'Sun' (which we released in 2013) and serves up six slices of dappled house music.

After first meeting at Goldsmiths, University of London, the duo later set about experimenting in their home studios, intertwining aspects of their solo work to create a wholly unique sound that's made entirely out of found sounds and Bettinson's voice. And it's this blending of fractal audial experiments with the serene vocal layering that marks out Eckoclick's material. Whether it's the upbeat funk of tracks like 'Dream In Colour' and 'Dance With Me' or the moodier 'Bad Luck' and 'Break', the duo manage to sound like themselves at all times - simply two friends and collaborators revelling in the depths of each other's skill set.

There are no synths or drum machines used on this record. Everything is entirely sample based, made from sounds that we have recorded ourselves, Crewdson says of the production process, half joking that the EP marks the culmination of a hell of a lot of sample chopping on his part. It's something I try to do throughout all my work but in this instance I think it gives what is essentially house music, a really interesting and gritty sound.

We both come from quite different musical backgrounds with different fan bases, Femme admits candidly. With Hugh being in the more experimental electronic scene and myself operating in more of a pop world, it's going to be exciting to see who the EP connects with.

***Please note: Due to error the tracklist on the sticker for the A-side is incorrect.

It runs 'Dream In Colour', 'Controller', 'Dance With Me' rather than what is written.***

"a bizarre though alluring piece of chop-pop electronic music that stands completely on its own."
The Line Of Best Fit
"a little bit familiar and yet a little bit magic."