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Bro Skyler & Joane Shuda

Bro Skyler & Joane Shuda

Sonic Router Records

Released: 31st March 2017 | 12 track leftfield/idm ep

After something of a pregnant pause in 2016 Sonic Router Records returns with a split, semi-collaborative tape from Broshuda and Joane Skyler, aptly titled Bro Skyler & Joane Shuda. The jumbling up of the duo's pseudonyms represents the blurring of the pair's not so collaborative process which saw each player pinging sounds and short ideas back and forth for the other to consider, chop and sample or ignore completely.

On Bro Skyler & Joane Shuda both artists take a side of the tape each with Broshuda's work veering through the sweeping chords and ambience of tracks like 'Tjorven' and 'Gil' into the driving clunking skittishness of 'Bongpriest' on the A side. Skyler's offerings also plough a vast range of industrial modes on the flip from the bleak bit crushed drones of 'Basketball Face' to the firework percussion of the coquettish 'Sasha Grey's Toothbrush' and the bruising hardball drum work of 'Ox8urvn'.