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Broshuda - Outlines



Sonic Router Records

Released: 13th November 2015 | 10 track leftfield/idm ep

Day jobbing as a graphic designer, it's pretty obvious from listening to Broshuda's music that he's more than comfortable working with a vivid and expressive palette. Stretching his approach to music out over a multitude of disciplines his debut EP for Sonic Router Records manages to simultaneously assimilate harmonious choral elements alongside scratchy, skeletal, would be grime constructs. Featuring a collaboration with label mate B£AMS and the legendary producer, Dimlite, this ten track EP, Outlines, is the most cohesive expression from Broshuda to date.

"What you playing? Sounds lovely!"
Rob Booth, Houndstooth
"Love this guy!"
The Quietus
"Absolutely stunning work!"
BBC R3 - Late Junction
"This is amazing >>>>>"