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Nist - Wildstyle EP


Wildstyle EP

Shadow Sanctuary

Released: 21st October 2013 | 4 track deep house ep

Continuing along a path for sourcing fresh talent, Shadow Sanctuary brings you Nist. After previous collaborations with Elijah Collins and Eric Volta, his first solo release comes in the form of a two track EP with a remix from label boss: Dexter Kane. As the title of the EP suggests, these tracks both give not only a nod, but also a fist bump and a slap on the arse to Hip Hop of yesteryear. Brazen use of a sampler and some classic drum machine grooves merge the gap between styles perfectly.

Dexter's mix ups the tempo a little with a bit of an analogue work out. A scattering of stabs and licks dance round a tight, groove lead rhythm section.