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Joel Harrison - High Voltage
12" Vinyl
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Joel Harrison

High Voltage

Soul Science Recordings

Released: 7th April 2008 | 2 track single
Now up to it's third release, Soul Science Recordings continues to deliver high quality, soulful, deep electronic dance music with Joel Harrison's latest: 'High Voltage'.Commencing with the original mix, this track does 'exactly what it says on the tin' delivering electrifying, pumping,deep, nu-school house. Taking sparse electro bleeps as an introduction, the environment starts out building steadily with increasing urgency. Utilising sweet and cleverly processed vocal samples as motifs, the track develops into a full-on dancefloor mover, complete with thumping kicks, fat chord stabs (for fans of the original detroit masters) and a bouncing off-kilter bassline - something of a Harrison specialism... Wearing his influences proudly on his sleeve, Joel has created another sublime electronic deep house track for fans of Spirit Catcher, John Tejada, Freerange Records and beyond… And speaking of Freerange Records, this brings us neatly on to the next mix of 'High Voltage', supplied as it is, by none other than deep house extraordinaire: Tom Szirtes AKA Shur-I-Kan (releases on NRK, Freerange and Physical Graffiti amongst others, but you should know that already). Tom presents us with an elegantly executed remix moving the sound into yet deeper electro-minimal territory. Guaranteed to shake up the late night heads in the club, this mix is a flawless example of the Shur-I-Kan sound.