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Chieftain - Till Everyman Is Free


Till Everyman Is Free


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Till Everyman Is Free [06:45]
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Coati Mundi [06:51]
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Till Everyman Is Free (Crooked Man Remix) [09:58]
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Out of My Life (Instrumental) [06:53]
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This grabs you and pulls you to the dance floor - lovely bright pace, attentive production. A street-light, moon-light, late-night mix - whether you're big-city or open-country people, 'Till Everyman Is Free' makes you feel stunning and think freedom.
Chieftain is Adam Regan and Steve Cobby - this release follows-up the success of their 2012 EP, 'The War Bonnet' and their 2013 steamy-summer-deep-heat-deep-house-disco-stunner 'Out Of My Life' [instrumental vers...
"Great! Love the drum sounds. Totes scrunching the gravel!"
Steve Alcock
"I always like me some piano disco house"
Gav Hardkiss
"Cracking! 'Everyman' has instant classic written all over it - and 'Coati' an air of early Fila wonkiness that resonates with me."
Jon Sheppard