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C-MON & KYPSKI - Static Traveller EP
12" Vinyl
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Static Traveller EP

Supertracks Records

Released: 4th April 2005 | 5 track ep
After the acclaimed Vinyl Voodoo EP C-mon & Kypski lauch their second impressive EP: Static Traveller. This time the compositions are more influenced by C-mon & Kypski's live musicians Jori (keys) and Daniel (guitar). They were absolutely significant. It's partly because of them Static Traveller shows a substantial amount of live ingredients where as C-mon & Kypski are usually more sample-oriented. Because of this eclectic appeal, C-mon & Kypski's work might be hard to categorize. Their next gigantic leap isn't making it easier, introducing another level of experience. Their energy - containing musical ancestors such as jazz, hip hop, soul, funk and more - is definitely exploring new territories while staying continuously dynamic. 'Static Traveller' goes from unexpected breaks and accelerating turntable races to heart breaking symphonies. This EP is pure adrenaline, very explosive and definitely equipped with arousing musical triggers. Here we find them crossing borders to the fullest! Their music is a diverse collection of music and just as the title says, it keeps the listener in an everlasting flow full of surprises. It's an exclusive journey with rapid changes in spheres....'