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Various Artists - Dutch Rare Groove
2 x CD Album
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Various Artists

Dutch Rare Groove

Supertracks Records

Released: 27th February 2006 | 35 track album
Ever since some clever English dj's (Gilles Peterson being one of them) invented the term rare groove in the late '80's, a seemingly never ending stream of rare groove compilation albums saw the light of day. This was of course pioneered by small independent UK labels such as Charly, Streetsounds and BGP, that started to tap from American sources for their reissue series. After all it was the Afro-American society that once invented groove, first with blues-related worksongs and gospel, later with jazz, r&b, soul and especially funk. A lot of this groovy material was rare and obscure, because it was released in limited editions during the '60's and '70's, in - or aimed at - isolated Afro American communities in the urban ghetto's and therefore often named race records. The longevity and relative popularity of rare groove can simply be explained by the development of a phenomenon called sampling, that was heralded by hiphop producers. With samples and loops from old music they created new music, which led to the most successful popular music-form in the USA ever. During the following years other rare groove sources were tapped, such as England, Scandinavia, Poland and other East European countries, yes even - believe it or not - Austria with it's capital Vienna, otherwise only known for classical music. In a music minded country like The Netherlands, with it's proven international awareness (and ditto appeal), the wish for a national rare groove album has been long in existence. The album you are now holding eventually came into being after Bert Taken and Arjo van Loo (the tandem of recording-act Black Market Audio) discovered the vinyl treasures in the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid), when it was just opening up its vaults through the webstore Fonos (see Bert and Arjo teamed up with fellow music fanatics Machgiel Bakker (founding father of Fonos), Sjeng Stokkink (Fonos researcher and senior funkologist) and Maurits de Weert, Enoch Justus, Marco Petersen and Leon Wittenberg, their friends at Supertracks, which is one of the better independent labels in the Netherlands. Finally Peter Boertje (of Essential Dance Music) joined the team to do his specific job on rights-clearances. With Supertracks in the team, it was just a small step to ask their happening act C-Mon & Kypski to fool around with the original material for a bonus CD, offering their rendition of Dutch Rare Groove. Thus 23 tracks recorded between 1967 and 1983 that deserve the term rare groove have been selected for CD 1 and a bunch of tracks done by C-Mon & Kypski and friends are on CD 2. Thanks to it's former overseas territories, Holland has always housed more than just Caucasians. Especially when it comes to singing, the amount of for instance Surinam musicians involved here is striking. Wanna know more about the acts 'n tracks' Just read on?'