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Roy Roberts - Thinking About you
7" Vinyl

Roy Roberts

Thinking About you

No Label

Released: 10th February 2017 | 2 track soul single

In 1974 Roy Roberts a well known and respected bluesman (and latterly familiar name on the Northern Soul scene) changed course, shifted gears and temporarily abandoned his soul and blues roots to embark on recording a Country album. The venture was designed, in part, to widen his appeal far beyond his local audience in the Greensboro area of North Carolina, as well as opening up new opportunities in what was a booming and vibrant marketplace. The result was his 'Country Star' long player: nine self penned numbers that ranged from tried and tested traditional Country themes to tracks that barely reigned in the blues influence veterans of that music have – almost against their will – coursing through their veins. It was no doubt an earnest project in which Roy proudly staked his claim within a genre not known for embracing African-American bluesmen with more than a decent back catalogue of soul releases. According to Roy the Country world served him well for nearly a decade of activity. The ace in the pack of country numbers on the album, quietly waiting to be discovered by soul fans perhaps only decades later – was the inclusion of two stunning Soul moments almost defiantly tacked onto the end of the set as if to say 'right, you've had that, now here's what I really do'. 'Thinking About You' is a fantastic dancer that rides along on a groove underpinned by bubbling percussion and spacey synths and with no 7? release at the time, it's the reason that soul people have been hunting down a mainly Country album. The other soul cut on the set, 'You And Me Together' was actually issued on a 7? single although the album version, coming in at over six minutes, is well worth the time invested. For the flip side of our 45 we've chosen a later moment from Roy-s back catalogue, the 1979 disco soul of 'Let's Wrap Up Tonight Baby': a homemade, slightly minimal four minutes plus of raw dancefloor grooves designed to keep the feet in perpetual motion. Soulstacks Records are delighted to offer our first fully licensed 7? courtesy of the talents of North Carolina's finest, Mr Roy Roberts. We hope you enjoy.