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Katsunori Sawa - The Two Legs
12" Vinyl
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Katsunori Sawa

The Two Legs

Weevil Neighbourhood

Released: 10th March 2017 | 4 track techno ep

First solo release by Kyoto based Katsunori Sawa on The Weevil Neighbourhood.

Repress: Black vinyl in brown cardboard discobag. Hand-stamped and -numbered. Comes with artwork- and info-card tied to the sleeve.

Sawa's techno is infused with a dank energy, like it's being taken over by the undergrowth with every passing bar. Static and hiss blanket the empty space, and the percussion crawls in uneven formations. More often than not the effect is tinged with horror, as with the resonant shrieks of Augur or the unsettling death knell of Black Sugar. Phenomenon comes closest to conventional techno, but still drags its feet with every lunge. The hangover after all the curling metal carnage, NGM feigns resolution, punctuated by brief flashes of white noise as it slowly corrodes. (Andrew Ryce / Resident Advisor)

Another highly limited vinyl release on Berlin's Weevil Neighbourhood, with a musician from Kyoto called Katsunori Sawa. He's one half of the duo Steven Porter (the other being Yuji Kondo, not Steven Porter) and here he has a classic 12: white vinyl, four tracks, 45 rpm. Just like the good old days and the music is great too. It continues what we heard on the previous release by Steven Porter: minimalist dance music, not too fast (mid tempo this is called; mid of what I always think), repetitive with the use of sound effects enhanced. Delay machines like a fine dub record, yet this ain't dub. Rhythm plays a central role obviously, and sounds here not too dissimilar to Basic Channel/Chain Reaction of a decade ago (maybe it's about time for a revival, I thought?) combined with a more abstract side of the axis Porter Ricks, Pan Sonic and Goem, topped with a dash of field recordings. Does that make any sense these days? It's a pity I am not a DJ, I thought. I wouldn't mind this kind of stuff for an evening. This record by Sawa would certainly make it into the mix. No doubt more than once. (Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly)