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Yellowtail - Innabrukklyn



Sick Trumpet

Released: 20th August 2007 | 4 track broken beat ep
Yellowtail presents the Innabrukklyn E.P and pays homage to his home town NYC in this digital only release on Sick Trumpet Records.. First up is Innabrukklyn, a total dancefloor broken beat thunderclap which pulls no punches. Rolling broken amen brother breaks lay the foundations with fierce stabs and synth lines over the top over some miami-esque sub-bass......OUCH! Juju is a mid-tempo deep house chugger that glides along with the help of sun-drenched pads & keys...... What's really good sums up what Yellowtail is all about, with his trademark 2 step broken groove alongside dark synth stabs and sinister sonics mixed with the ragga vocals and what you have is a mighty fine slab of future soul music. Last up is Tokyo Luv, a deep house groover heavy on the bottom end which shifts & shuffles along so sweet you just wanna jump on board and ride the ride..