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Superfície - Hélices




Released: 16th December 2016 | 6 track rave ep

Salviatek presents its third release:Helices EP, from the Brazilian producer Superfície.

Inspired in the socio-economic conflicts from his country of origin, as well as in the advances of biotechnology of our era, the sound of the EP is the soundtrack of a parallel reality that takes place in the jungles of southern Brazil, where autonomous entities confront corporative interests and designed illnesses.

The album opens with Febre do Vale, a track that gives us a sense of dizziness from a mosquitoe bite and puts us in alert. Cerol brings to mind a race for survival, a war cry. Human voices that resemble the classic musical form of the Guaraní are heard. Dengue Drums synthesizes the bio-tech sound of the record, robot insects fly among a complex percussion ensemble. Helices is the clarifying twist to the plot. Superfície re-interprets the sound of Baile Funk with authenticity, creating a language of it's own. The remixes, in charge of the Armenian-American foozool and the Venezuelan-American umurmurum, expand the sound palette to places where diasporic intimacy and memory (foozool) interlaces with opposite seismic movements (umurmurum).

Their creations outlived their language in this part of the world, not many sounds can be heard besides the living cloud and the distress drums of the river people. While amazonian angels fly overhead chanting the ethereal song of disruptive ammunition. - Superfície