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Lechuga Zafiro - Aequs Nyama Remixed

Lechuga Zafiro

Aequs Nyama Remixed


Released: 9th February 2018 | 6 track leftfield/idm ep

DJs from all over the globe have gathered to participate in Aequs Nyama remixed, a record that sits on a strange place in the electronic music spectrum. It continues the legacy of the original Aequs Nyama release by Lechuga Zafiro on Salviatek, but the remixers' contribution expand its hyper real and animal qualities to encompass wider forms of pleasure, from the bodily to the static.

It features Tayhana's visceral vision of Suave Pero Rugoso -revisting the original post-human edits of the candombe drums of the comparsa Ansina-; the eternal trance of gqom pioneer DJ Lag reworking C vs S; the dark atmospheres and mysterious cutups of DJ Haram and Rio de Janeiro's DJ Pavigo; the bat-like sounds and Abya Yala's energy of Pobvio; plus a vocal bonus track from Philly's duo 700 bliss. This comprehensive mix of approaches throw together a record that feels more like a release of original tracks than an EP of remixes.

The record comes out February the 9th.

Tryptic lke artwork inspired by the Aequs Nyama concept by Brian Ojeda x Lechuga Zafiro.

Master by Jeremy Cox