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Zed Bias - Experiments with Biasonics
CD Album
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Zed Bias

Experiments with Biasonics

Sick Trumpet

Released: 19th November 2007 | 20 track house album
Sick Trumpet proudly presents the first ever Zed Bias album. Experiments with Biasonics Vol 1, is straight from the dangerous mind of Zed Bias. Locking himself in the lab for months, Zed Bias has fused house, techno, hip hop, broken beat and dubstep to create a monster of an LP that features Mark de Clive-Lowe, Broke n English, Fyza, Pete Simpson, Jenna G and Ink Lined Minds. Zed Bias is probably best known for his top ten anthem Neighbourhood on XL. He is wildly regarded as one of the originators of the Dub-Step scene. This CD comes in a 6 panel digi pack with wonderful artwork that almost sets the scene for the tale within.
"An amazing melt of Zed's sophisticated riddimz and gritty, agile bars from MCs Ink Lined Minds and Broke N' English…"
Mary Anne Hobbs, Radio 1
"One of the best albums of the year for me."
Kev Beadle, Solar Radio
"What can I say? There hasn’t been a diverse vocal and instrumental album as good as this for a little while. Zed is back on top form and this LP is a great example of his production powers. Highlights are Rogue Frequency and Cottonmouth for me, but I love the way it flows along and is as good a listener as it is a clubber. A dope dope LP all music lovers should check."
"A funk drenched, organic experiments there's an enriching blend of deep bass science, heavy tribal pulses and free spirited jazz. Seek Out."
Allan McGrath, DJ Mag