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Subuse - Addict / Revolve / Remember If


Addict / Revolve / Remember If


Released: 25th June 2007 | 3 track tech-house ep
There's a start for everything, so here it is, the first official release of Subuse. This is what patience could sound like. A blend between experimental house, and club I think. Whatever. It sounds deep, directly from out of my mind. Addict started from a simple preset out off my Korg-box, pitched down, stretched out, processed a dozen of times, and sampled roughly, untill simplicity bursted out this crazy leadsound. Consequence = SAVE Revolve describes the track itself. I think I changed about 50 different bass lines for this track. Contains wide, heavy, compressed elements. FM-style. Remember if is such a track that just came over. The lead is done in one take, yet I've worked about 3 weeks on the arrangement and mixing. All tracks written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Subuse (Willems Steven). Global support from Ben Mono, Deepchild, Cassius, etc.