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Drumattic Twins - Get Up And Dance EP

Drumattic Twins

Get Up And Dance EP


Released: 23rd September 2013 | 2 track breaks ep

Nick Slater and Kevin Lancaster (Lanx), aka the Drumattic Twins are back doing what they both do best. Making straight up Killer club Breakbeat tracks that destroy the dancefloor. End of story! And here we have two bangers doing exactly what it says on the label.

The title track 'Get On Up and Dance' packs awesome beats, great production and an infectious vocal hook so strong that it seemingly registers instant recognition as if its already planted in your subconscious. LFO soup is a gem of track that the guys have been cheekily keeping to themselves for a while. Sugarbeat managed to persuade them to share what has been a big Dj battle weapon for them, so that you can now join in on the action.