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Sunlightsquare - Mutations For Piano
CD Album
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Mutations For Piano

Sunlightsquare Records

Released: 19th December 2011 | 11 track jazz piano album
Mutations For Piano has Claudio Passavanti, an Italian-born musician (whose past résumé includes two more albums released as Sunlightsquare) sitting alone, meditating over his piano.

If you've got his first 'Urban Sessions' you'll be familiar with his gentle way with a keyboard. But this latest work strips everything down to the bare bones... or ivories if you prefer.

It's almost a set of études. It's not jazz, and it's not classical, but it is undeniably romantic. Taking cues from pianist Gonzales and Chick Corea, as well as Keith Jarrett's solo concerts, Claudio's solo piano is warm and visionary. There are echoes of film scoring, although there is no film to accompany this... The eleven tracks on the album sound fluent, flawless, as it glides by effortlessly.

At once melancholy or uplifting, each and every piece of music here holds its own, making you want to relax, sit back and conjure your own in your head. Claudio here brings the piano to life, gives it a real personality, and takes the listener along on a voyage that may be 'solo piano', but leaves you feeling like you've met a lot of people along the way.