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Jurassik - How to Pick Up Chicks - VIP


How to Pick Up Chicks - VIP

Supatronix Records

Released: 14th June 2010 | 4 track breaks single
Background Since this track was first released, Jurassik has put out killer tunes and remixes on the likes of 'Sound of Habib', 'Yellow Finger' and 'Dusted Breaks'! So Supatronix bring you this floor filling VIP remix of their classic first release. Radio Airplay Radio 1 (plaza de funk remix) - Annie nightingale) Kiss - Jay Cunning DJ support Beat Assassins, Bill Vega, David Minns, DJ Mylz (Heducation), DJ Phoneme, Duane Barry, Far Too Loud, General Midi, George601, Henry D, daniella downs, Inconspicuous Villain, Joebot, John Grief (Definition:breaks), Kickflip, Lee Martin, macho, Maelstrom, Marc Reck, Mr No Hands, Quadrat Beat, RuN RiOT, Simple Idea Team, Wavewhore + more Reviews you'd be a FOOL not to pick up at least one of these mixes