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Circle Of Funk - Life Ain't a Dream (feat. Mr V)

Circle Of Funk

Life Ain't a Dream (feat. Mr V)

Slapped Up Soul

Released: 3rd February 2014 | 3 track house single


SPIRIT OF HOUSE - Number one for 2 weeks running in the Chart & also chosen as pick of the week.

TILLLATE MAGAZINE - Review & scoring 9/10

Early Feedback came in from the following DJ's

VINNY DA VINCI - Dope Combo - FIRE!!!


SOULDYNAMIC - thank u for the track bros! Goood underground vibes!

BOOKER T - Big Tune feeling This Will Support on My radio show

MR V - YES!!!


LOUIS BENEDETTI - In the Bag. Thanks

LORENZO AL DINO - Solid, Smooth & Kicking


DELI GEE - Another cool release.


CRAIG STEWART - Superb material to set the mood, Nice work.

MICHAEL FOSSATI - A soulful masterpiece having timeless written all over...

DOC LINK - Feeling the message on this one.

MALIK - YESSSSSS....collab heaven! Playlisted and supported. CoF & Mr.V you rock!

PETER BORG - Dirty dark and sexy. Will support this. All mixes are heavy


RICK MORRISON - Nice track here! orig is dope!!

DEEJAY MANNIX - yes right up my street, very niceE MAN - Will Support.

LADY DURACELL - The message is in the music! Feeling the whole vibe of the track, beautifully done.. full support.

D MALICE - Great stuff, thanks for the promo.

DJ CHEROKEE - Great collaboration and truth! Will support with club and radio play!

Life Ain't A Dream is a masterpiece of poetic performance art and is the first partnership between Circle of Funk and Mr V.

Mr V, (aka Victor Font) hails from Manhattan, New York and has an impressive resume in the dance music arena. Drawing on his influences from the house, hip-hop, latin, garage and disco scene of the 80's, he has been active as an inspiring DJ, producer and rapper since the age of 14 and has worked with influential underground genius Louie Vega from Masters at Work. In 2004 Mr V. launched the SOLE channel music label.

Bristol born quartet Circle of Funk have released a variety of quality dance tracks and remixes since 2010 and are much in demand for their refreshing approach to production, always endeavouring to explore the boundaries of genre and sound, and never being afraid to break away from the pack.

This union results in a dynamic and talented international partnership and the resulting production is a truly unique piece of work.

The original mix has Circle of Funk's signature pulsating bass line coupled with Mr V's lyrical dialogue delivered in such a way that it is a fusion of poetry and rap, conveying an important message that complements the musical backdrop perfectly.

The message is both motivational and inspirational, with the track enticing the listener in like a work of art that contains hidden layers and depths of meaning. On the first hearing the audience may think that the words are simply about being motivated to live your life before time passes you by, but it subsequently becomes evident that the words are also of spiritual significance, inviting the listener to ponder the meaning of their existence on earth. Then just as one imagines that the essence is clear a further message emerges about racial equality. The track title is an indication of how we need to persevere in our journey to achieve true racial harmony, while the lines about rising above hate to achieve success is a tribute to the ethos of the late Nelson Mandela.

The drop down dub mix showcases one of Circle of Funk's unique blends of percussion and keys which adds another dimension to this composition. It has a more atmospheric feel than the main mix, but also contains elements of jazz and garage. This version is sure to make the dance floor come to life with its pulsating heartbeat rhythm.

What Circle of Funk and Mr V have achieved here is a perfect example of how music has an incredible ability to teach, inspire, break down barriers, and encourage harmony and love in a way that will reach out to many music-lovers worldwide.

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do. Nelson Mandela

"Dope Combo, FIRE!!!!"
VInny Da Vinci, House Afrika
"thank u for the track bros! Goood underground vibes!"
Souldynamic, Italy
"Big Tune feeling This Will Support on My radio show"
Booker T, UK
"Nice track here! orig is dope!"
Ricky Morrison, M&S UK
"Nice vibes"
Groove Assasin, UK
"Solid, Smooth & Kicking."
Lorenzo Al Dino, 7th District
"Nice tune!!!"
Hippie Torrales, US
Marques Wyatt, USA
"A soulful masterpiece having timeless written all over...NUMBER 1 in chart 2 weeks running & Pick of the week."
Michael Fossati, Spirit Of House
"Superb material to set the mood, Nice work."
Craig Stewart, DCS Trax/ Universe Media