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Louise Golbey - Little Bird

Louise Golbey

Little Bird

Slapped Up Soul

Released: 26th February 2016 | 3 track soul single


Written by L. Golbey & A. Yaqub

Produced by A. Yaqub


written by D. Ankrah L. Golbey, A. Yaqub

Produced by D. Ankrah

Mastered by T. Economides

Louise Golbey is a singer from London who has entertained audiences near and far with her jazzy soulful style. Music has always been in her blood - she comes from a musically talented family and came to the fore in 2008 when she was a finalist in the Indy Music Awards. Louise has supported renowned artists including George Benson and The Stylistics on Tour, and she has worked with the likes of Omar, Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran, Example and Alexander O'Neal. Her songs Weigh A Ton and No Pretence feature on the soundtrack of the much acclaimed film 'Hard Time Bus', and she has performed at many prestigious venues including Ronnie Scott's, The Jazz Cafe, and The Hippodrome. Louise is a hard working and talented lady who is attracting a lot of attention in the music world, and it won't be long until she is the name on everybody's lips.

BlackJack is Bristol based Dan Ankrah who has released solo productions including his best known work On Fire featuring Frances Mary. He is also an established member of Circle of Funk, and has recently worked on a project called Metokan with fellow Bristol producers Richard 'True2Life' Pring & Just Flex.

This package is being released on the rising Slapped Up Soul label which showcases new and established soulful talent both in the UK and worldwide.

Little Bird is a metaphorical reflective track about making the decision to let go of situations that are no longer working out. The mixed sentiments of loss and freedom that occur during the time of transition are conveyed with real feeling by Louise in her accomplished lyrical delivery.

The Original Track features on Louise's album Novel, and is an impressive soulful cut with a wonderful laid-back vibe and outstanding vocal harmonies. Louise has a richness and warmth to her voice which makes the performance seem effortless. BlackJack completes the package with an upbeat remix that will have the dancers in the audience moving to the captivating beat. Well considered use of percussion and keys adds an extra dimension to the song, and there is also an instrumental version of the remix.

Little Bird is a song that will appeal to a wide audience. It is versatile enough to dance or relax to and is sure to entice listeners worldwide with its smooth soulful groove.

SUS023 'Little Bird' released on Slapped Up Soul February 2016

Sue McDonald (Twitter @SueVMcDonald)

"Nice track!!!!!"
Robert Owens
"Loving the original mix!!!"
Deli G, The Touch
"Like this groove"
Brazilian Soul crew, Brazil
"Great song. love this song"
Hippie Torrales, US
"Original mix is a beauty"
Paul Stuart, Southport Weekender
"Love, Love, Love"
Luka, We Go Deep
"Great remix for the clubs of the stunning original... Here's to more Louise on the radio in 2016! Got my full support!"
Jamie Topham, Cd pool / Sony
"really like this track!!!"
Dave Simpson, Soul m8 Magazine
"Wonderful downtempo track!!!"
Deejay Mannix
"Full support at Thanks!!!!"
Louis Benedetti, USA