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Mickey Pearce - Michael
Vinyl LP

Mickey Pearce


Swamp 81

Released: 24th June 2016 | 11 track house album

Last summer, four years after Loefah first floated the idea of a Mickey Pearce album, Mickey sat down to write a mixtape of loops - a sequel to 2014's 'Up West' - but found himself in new, melancholic territory.

Less than three months later 'Michael' was written.

Ahead of the radio premiere of 'August', Mickey told Mary Anne Hobbs: The whole album was written in a short space of time last summer... [it] just sounds like me in August 2015. I haven't written anything that sounds like it before or since.

Mickey has also developed a new live show that translates the album for the club environment. The live performance follows the arc of the record, adding layers of improvisation and a solid core of drums that place it in a club context.

Road-tested at 81 sessions in Berlin, Leeds and London, Mickey debuted the full live at Peckham Rye Music Festival earlier this month.