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Florentino - Tu Y Yo


Tu Y Yo

Swing Ting

Released: 13th November 2015 | 5 track dancehall ep

Florentinosteps up for his debut release 'Tu y Yo', joining the impressive Swing Ting roster with his Colombian-dembow-infused sound; thinkLatin American carnival romanticism with a ruff, UK, soundsystem mentality.

Seductive number 'Mamasota' kicks the EP off with tough, driving drums, whistles and heys-a-plenty, followed by bouncy club weapon 'Llamada', which features a call from the main hombre himself amidst supercharged sirens atop a energetic dembow backbeat.

Next up, 'Split In 2'is a sublime arrangement that marries heavenly synths, grimy subs, sweet wistful samples and dark choral stabs to wondrous effect. Swing Ting favourite 'Domina'ups the pace once more for a percussive workout amid skewed vocals, flute riffs and brooding patches.

Set closer 'Perdido' is a fitting finale to this impressive release, its enchanting, bittersweet melodies and haunting soundscapes intertwining in and out of the mix leaving you wanting more from this young talent...; 'DJ Florentino, el mas romantico de los romanticos.'

DJ support from: Bok Bok, Dubbel Dutch, Kingdom, Girl Unit, Zora Jones, Murlo & Rizzla.