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sene & blu - a day late & a dollar short
CD Album
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sene & blu

a day late & a dollar short

Shaman Work

Released: 15th March 2010 | 14 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Brooklyn's Sene and Los Angeles' Blu (of Blu and Exile fame) have collaborated for a true transcontinental classic, A Day Late & A Dollar Short. Sene's lyrics and east coast swagger delivery compliments the melodic musical backdrop that Blu produces. In a time where albums are released like fast food, Sene and Blu took their time and have delivered a true masterpiece. Lead by the single 'QuarterWaterSupporter', A Day Late & A Dollar Short proves to be one of the most complete musical experiences of the year. Sene has built an international presence with his music through several free download projects. Blu, who recently signed with Warner, is one of L.A.'s most promising artists. Blu's collaboration with L.A.'s Exile, Below The Heavens, produced one of indie hip-hop's true classics. A Day Late & A Dollar Short digital single 'Quarter Water Supporter' b/w 'Please Don't Rain' features Kissey Asplund.