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The SM Corporation - Hammer '86
12" Vinyl

The SM Corporation

Hammer '86

Shock World Service

Released: 11th September 2015 | 3 track synth pop ep

• Limited edition of 270

• Originally recorded in 1986

• Features a remix from JD Twitch (Optimo)

• Comes with a free download code of our next release; Hill Street - a soundtrack to a documentary about Dublin's skateboard scene.

Hammer '86 by The SM Corporation (sws003) will be available as a limited edition 12 vinyl. The package also includes a download code for the Hill Street OST (sws004) by Great Lakes Mystery.

Recorded in 1986 but unreleased until now, Hammer is an electropop record underpinned by an industrial baseline and metallic percussion. The band recorded the track using metal workshop implements, on a cheap Yamaha keyboard with an attached microphone.

The SM Corporation were formed in 1979 by Paul Wynne & Stephen Rapid (after Rapid left seminal Irish punk act The Radiators From Space).

The band's roots were in the post-punk and experimental electronic scene. Their debut live show saw them share the bill with U2 & The Virgin Prunes where they played a soundtrack to F. W. Murnau's 1922 classic silent film Nosferatu. At that time they used two analog synths and live drums, bringing a largely improvised sound.

In the early 80s the band the developed a more song-orientated style and recorded an as yet unreleased album.

With Ireland still indifferent to electronic music, the SM Corporation ultimately split when keyboard player Paul Wynn and singer Tina O'Brien emigrated to America in 1988.

2012 saw the release of the highly acclaimed compilation Strange Passion: Explorations In Irish Post Punk DIY And Electronic Music 1980-1983. The comp featured two SM Corporation tracks; an instrumental Accentuate and Fire From Above. These re-releases were well received and the band reunited for 2 live performances in 2013.

Hammer is available as a very limited 12 vinyl-only package and comes backed by two remixes.

The first is by JD Twitch, one half of Glasgow's hugely respected DJ duo, Optimo. It taps heavily into the SM Corporation's original industrial and electro influences such as Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy, Severed Heads & Hard Corps.

The second mix, from Great Lakes Mystery, takes it somewhere different again. The Dublin producer adds new vocals and live cello to a sampled voice from the original, creating an ethereal and evocative extended version.

"To say this is the first time it's actually seen the light of day is bordering on the criminal."
Norman Records
"Wasn’t aware of the band, really great!"
Trevor Jackson, NTS
"Both remixes sound great."
Phillip Shepburn, Pitchfork
"Amazing Release!"
White Collar Boy
"It's a great package, liking all the versions – got a nice Cabaret Voltaire vibe, if a bit poppier"
Neil Higgins, Padded Cell
"Fits snugly with the John Carpenter-loving aesthetic of the Italians Do It Better crew."
The Quietus
"Really like these releases!"
Ali Renualt
"Wow very nice, great video"
Charlie Bones, NTS