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Fila Brazillia - Maim That Tune

Fila Brazillia

Maim That Tune


Released: 26th May 2008 | 9 track downtempo album
Light-hearted musical cunning and dogged individuality on one blissful album. The Hull-based Fila Brazillia continues to pour out a more or less continuous stream of luxuriously lush ambient funk. This second Fila long player takes off where last year's brilliant album (Old Codes, New Chaos) left off. Here a whole heap of soothing synth washes and loose-limbed funky basslines are flip flopping their way through the album. Tight programmed drums range skittishly from loping funk to A Zed & Two L's romping world music junglism. Rather than falling for slo-mo trip hoppery, the effect is to create an updated jazz funk for techno fans, the sound of Carl Craig collaborating with Roy Ayers. [Deceased American comedian Bill Hicks is sampled at one point.] Dancefloor friendly tunes like 'Harmonicas Are Shite' or the winsome 'Slacker', as well as providing superb evidence of the Fila school of stoner humour, house-up the tempo, but contrive to avoid breakdown cliches in place of a delicate lightness of touch that sends you skipping happily, rather than punching the air in a let's 'ave it frenzy. (Mixmag)
"Consistently putting their synths on the chopping block, this twosome is producing lip-smacking music. Fila Brazilia are both weird and wonderful."
Veena Virdi, Muzik Magazine
"Instant yet deep, easy but complex, this music is well crafted, state of the art and eclectic. "
Frank Tope, 101 Mixmag