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Tineidae - Lights



Tympanik Audio

Released: 8th April 2013 | 11 track ambient album

y popular demand, Tympanik Audio finally presents Tineidae's celebrated debut album 'Lights' on compact disc. With just a handful of compilation appearances to his name, Tineidae's debut album 'Lights' will serve well as his proper introduction to the world. This fresh young talent utilizes a clean, airy approach to dark bedroom IDM. Combining futuristic beats with brooding synthlines, stark melodies, and entrancing atmospheres, Tineidae's sound mixture flows and ebbs with an alluring grace, conjuring images of celestial travel to alien worlds, as glitch-laden beats caress and seize with mindful precision. A dreamy excursion into the heart of otherworldly contemplation.

"“…an accomplished debut featuring an intelligent sound. …perfectly executed.”"
"“…there’s not a track out of place…forty-nine minutes of sheer transcendence.”"
"“…a totally massive futuristic soundscape of distant planets, extraterrestrial visions and colorful pictures of worlds still to be explored. …a solid piece of art.”"
Brutal Resonance